Our Story


Hi, I’m Debbie, the maker at The Wee Soap Shed. I live in the heart of Fife, Scotland with my husband Brad. One of the many small things we have done as a family to reduce our single-use plastic waste is to move from using liquid soaps and shower gels to using bar soaps. For as long as I can remember I have been a maker, and so shifting from buying soap to making our own was a natural progression. Our cold process soaps are made using only the finest natural, sustainable, cruelty free ingredients specially formulated to be gentle on your skin.
Each unique recipe is made in small batches using hand made log moulds and allowed to cure for a full six weeks which helps to create a firmer bar that lasts longer in the shower. We use a range of essential oils for their aromatherapy properties as well as for their scent and we also produce a range of unscented soaps for those with especially sensitive skin.
Our base recipe is formulated from natural oils to make a soap bar with the perfect balance of cleansing and skin nourishing fatty acids to leave you feeling fresh, clean and moisturised.
Initially I also started making shampoo and conditioner bars for our own use but was so blown away with how they worked on my hair that I just had to share!  Our shampoo bars are made using naturally derived ingredients in small batches and individually hand pressed.
Our simple hand made labels are made from recycled paper and our products are delivered to you in plastic free packaging.